Vidal Blanc is Sunshine in a Glass

June 06, 2017

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June is Vidal Blanc Month in Missouri wine country! June has been designated as Vidal Blanc Month in Missouri wine country, and there’s plenty to celebrate! Take a sip of sunshine with Missouri Vidal Blanc. This white wine is crisp and refreshing, making it the perfect way to usher in the summer season.

Vidal Blanc is a French-American Hybrid grape and is a favorite with local winemakers because of its hardiness. As any Missourian can attest, the weather in the Show Me State can be a bit demanding with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Vidal Blanc grapes do well in our climate, accounting for 139.4 acres and 8.2% of all the grapes grown in the state.

Vidal Blanc’s versatility is another reason it’s so popular with winemakers and consumers. You’ll find award-winning wines made from Vidal Blanc in many styles ranging from crisp and refreshing dry white wines, to effervescent sparkling wines, to decadent and luscious late harvest dessert wines. We encourage you to take Vidal Blanc Month as an opportunity to seek out this delicious varietal and discover your favorite style.

Vidal Blanc Infographic

Vidal Blanc smells like a fresh summer garden and has refreshing flavors of apple and citrus. It’s delicious on its own, but also pairs well with seasonal favorites like seafood, salad and the fresh flavors of basil and citrus.

Wineries around the state (There are more than 130 now!) will be celebrating Vidal Blanc Month throughout June with wine releases, featured tastings, special events and much more. Head out to Missouri wine country and enjoy some sunshine in a glass!